MBA Or MS Project Management – Which Degree is More Professionally Good?

There are several advantages to having an MBA, and an MBA carries greater recognition. It also allows you to gain a broad view of project management. The question is which degree is better: an MBA or an MS project management? The answer to this question depends on your career goals and desired career path. Let’s take a closer look at both. You’ll learn about the differences between the two degrees and how they can benefit you in the business world.


If you want to get a good job in the project management industry, an MBA or MS in UK will benefit you more professionally than a similar degree from a US institution. This is because US MS programs are more extensive and offer better career prospects. On the other hand, UK MBAs are less comprehensive than those in other countries but they are still as comprehensive and offer excellent research facilities. Both degrees will help you advance in your career, but which is better for your career?

Before choosing a university in the UK, do your research. Find out what courses are offered and who is teaching them. Depending on the university, some programs are better known and have more demand than others. Look at the reputation of the institution and whether it offers certifications in project management. Many accredited programs offer credit towards certification and can offer you the chance to take the PMP exam at the same time as your studies.

PMP certificate

Those who have studied project management at an MBA or MS degree program may have a different impression about the value of the degrees. Despite their similarity, both degrees have their own advantages. Firstly, MBAs are more widely accepted by employers and, secondly, the industry recognizes them.

An MBA is generally two years long and covers a wide range of business practices, making it less specialized than a PMP certification. Therefore, an MBA is not as technically proficient as a PMP certificate, but it can help a project manager advance in his career and earn a higher salary.

An MS in project management is generally accepted by employers in the UK. An MBA may be better if you are working in a fast-paced, high-tech company, or want to be a leader in a specific industry. However, an MBA is often more relevant to someone who is not sure which field to go into. An MS in project management may be a better fit for someone who knows what they are looking for and wants to stay in that field for a long time.

Specified Master’s degree

A Specified Master’s degree in project-management is offered by top British universities. Generally, the entry requirements for this master’s degree vary from institution to institution, but most universities require a Bachelor’s degree in an engineering, science, or management-related subject.

There are also some general criteria, such as 60% of aggregate marks. To qualify for a project-management master’s degree in the UK, you will have to pass certain tests. IELTS is a requirement, and it is usually required to have an overall score of 6.5.

A Specified Master’s degree in project management helps you build strong leadership and communication skills. It also enables you to analyze fundamental concepts and challenge conventional project management practices. You will learn about project management theory and practical methodologies through in-class discussions, case studies, and group projects. These real-world project experiences provide valuable hands-on experience. As part of your education, you will plan a real-world project.


The cost of a Masters in Project Management (M.Sc.) in the United Kingdom can be quite high, especially if you are studying abroad. Depending on your lifestyle and location, the total cost of an MBA or MS program can range anywhere from 18,500 GBP to more than 28 thousand GBP per year. Moreover, the cost of living in the UK can also vary a lot depending on your personal needs and habits. Tuition fees alone can add up to about 500-700 GBP per month, so it is advisable to plan your budget carefully before applying.

In order to earn a Masters’s degree in Project Management, you will need to obtain a degree from a world-class institution. In the UK, there are many top-tier universities with cheaper tuition fees. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular universities, and how much they cost. Once you’ve made your decision, you can then compare the costs of various universities and determine which one will suit you the best.

Work experience

The eligibility criteria for pursuing an MBA or MS project management degree in UK vary, depending on the university and the type of program. Generally, applicants from outside the UK need to have a bachelor’s degree with at least 60% aggregate marks. Some universities also require entrance exams for international students.

IELTS scores should be 6.5 overall with no less than 20 on the writing component, or TOEFL iBT scores should be at least 22 with no components less than 20. The PTE score must be at least 70 in the overall and writing sections, and the PTE component should be at least 70.

Although an MBA or MS project management degree is not mandatory to enter the field of project management, pursuing a graduate degree is often a sign of commitment to the field. This higher education also demonstrates a commitment to your career and the skills necessary to be a good leader.


For those looking for a career in a more traditional field, an MBA may be better suited to that path, while a master’s degree in project management may be more beneficial to those who work in fields with fewer hierarchical structures.

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