Health Issues Faced by Software Developers Due to Long Sitting

back pain

Many software developers aren’t particularly health conscious. They don’t pay attention to their health until it’s too late. But as they age, their body begins to show the signs of age-related illnesses, including back pain. Even seasoned developers can’t do much about these problems. A common reason for taking leave from work is back ache, which increases with age. So, how do you prevent these problems from happening?

Computer-caused eye strain

Many health professionals are concerned about the effects of computer work on the eyes. However, there is a simple solution to reduce eye strain while working at a computer: consider wearing a blue light filter. Blue light is a known cause of eye strain and can have negative consequences on the retina, sleep, and depression. A blue light filter may help protect the eyes and reduce computer vision syndrome.

Computer-caused back pain

Long-term sitting can cause many health problems. Studies show that software developers face major health problems primarily due to the strain on the back and lower back caused by sitting for long periods. The infraspinatus muscle connects the shoulder blade to the neck. Other common muscle issues associated with prolonged computer use include shoulder pain, knee pain, and back pain.

Computer-caused neck pain

Long-term computer use can cause neck pain and other problems. Proper posture is essential to avoid neck pain. Moreover, long periods of sitting cause postural strain in the neck muscles. As a result, surrounding muscles contract to compensate for the primary stabilizing muscles in the neck. These compensatory muscles can be painful and guarded. It is imperative to find the root cause of your neck pain to prevent it from getting worse.

Computer-caused depression

Most developers spend the majority of their day in front of a computer. This high screen time has been linked to serious depression and other health issues. The light from electronic screens interferes with the natural circadian rhythm and inhibits melatonin production, disrupting sleep. Developers who work overnight or for people in other time zones may be particularly susceptible to sleep deprivation.


Most software developers suffer from burnout. Long hours and repetitive work can be very damaging to your health. One of the best ways to prevent burnout is to have healthy coping mechanisms. Keeping your mind and body happy is a vital part of staying productive. Listed below are some tips to help you avoid burnout. These are not limited to food and exercise but can also be used for relaxation.


Whether it is excessively sitting at a desk or laziness, long hours of sedentary work are linked to obesity in software engineers. According to a study, software engineers spend on average 21 hours a day sitting or lying down, a figure that is increasing. And even if a person only works for eight hours a day, this still amounts to 21 hours of sitting or lying down every day.

Heart disease

There is an increasing body of evidence linking long periods of sitting with the development of cardiovascular diseases. A recent study of 100,000 people across 21 countries found that people who spend six or eight hours a day sitting face a twelve to thirteen percent increased risk of dying early. The number of people suffering from heart disease rose to twenty per cent in those who spend more than eight hours a day sitting.


Software engineers spend most of their time sitting in one position for long hours. According to the Stack Overflow 2020 Developer Survey, 15% of respondents reported having mental health problems. Burnout is a common affliction suffered by software developers. Lack of physical activity has also been linked to reduced mental acuity and increased risks for stress and anxiety. Keeping an eye on your mental health is therefore a good idea, and not only for your own sake.


Most software developers don’t give much thought to their health until it’s too late. The fact is that sitting for long hours at the computer can cause many health problems, from eye strain to musculoskeletal problems. Postural back pain is one of the most common health problems suffered by software developers, and it’s a problem that clinical researchers have called a major public health problem. In fact, almost 80% of people who spend eight hours or more per day sitting at their computer develop postural back pain.

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