Day: June 18, 2022

unstable economy after corona
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Post COVID Affects and Reasons Behind Unstable Economy Worldwide

This article aims to explore how COVID 19 pandemic has affected global growth, output, and consumer preferences. The authors use data from OECD countries to compare COVID and global financial crisis. The global economic slowdown that is expected to result from the COVID pandemic is expected to be smaller than the effects of the 2008 […]

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effects of corona on education
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Post COVID Effects and Major Transformation in Education Industry

If the pandemic has left you without a job, it is important to know that the education industry is one of the main targets of replacement. In the COVID-19 pandemic, educational institutions that do not provide distance learning may not survive. But with attractive MOOC content, they may survive. This article will discuss how the […]

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electric vehicle
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World Wide Fuel Price Hike and Future of Electric Vehicles

EV sales have doubled in the past year alone, up sixty percent. The company Tesla predicts sales to grow at this pace through 2020. That’s the same growth rate as the Ford Model T reached in the early 1900s. In parallel, solar panel sales are growing at a similar pace, and LED light bulb sales […]

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